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Accept me and my lifestyle and take my time when I can give it to you:
and have a lifetime confidant.
Want all of me and all my time:
and get nothing.

For the time being, those are the only options.
I belong to nobody but the world. My goals and aspirations are bigger than individuals.


Anonymous asked: Hiya how are you? I love your pictures and your dapper self :)

Wonderful thanks (:

And thank you very much!(:

In the Dark I See (Cover) By-Lights

Anonymous asked: I saw your Snow White pictures and I realized I was there the same day you were! I even think I saw you because I remember seeing your outfit and loving every bit of it :)

Thank you so much (: I believe every day should be dapper day!

christina-gabrielle-deactivated asked: I saw you at the parks on Friday, and wanted to say hi, but I was too shy to say anything..oops..

No need to be shy next time! I encourage you to come say hi!! (: